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Funeral Benefits for Veterans

Do you have a family member who has passed away, that was a veteran? Whether they were on active or inactive duty or had been honorably discharged, they can qualify for several different benefits when it comes to their final services. Not everyone knows about this, but your funeral home near College Park, MD, can help you find out which benefits you might qualify for. Planning and paying for a funeral is a difficult and daunting task, especially because it must be done during a time of grieving and loss.

As a veteran, your loved one can receive full military honors, including a rifle guard and the playing of “Taps” at their funeral. Any necessary transportation may be provided. A flag folding ceremony is also an option, with the flag being presented to the next of kin, or a close friend. Burial in a state or national cemetery will also be compensated for, with a burial plot and a permanent grave marker, as well as perpetual care and maintenance. In addition to this, the spouse of the veteran will also receive a burial plot next to their husband or wife in the national or state cemetery. There are also some other caveats that may include children or grown dependent children, depending on your situation.

If your loved one died in active duty, either overseas or in training, there may be additional benefits that you can qualify for. If they received any kind of honors or medals during their time of service, and these have become lost or misplaced, you can order replacements at no charge. Additionally, you can apply for a Presidential Memorial Certificate, which is signed by the president to honor your loved one and offer gratitude for their dedicated service to our country.

One of the biggest reasons why these benefits can help you is because of the savings they provide when it comes to the costs of a funeral and burial. Coming up with the funds to pay for these things while in a time of need is never easy. Our nation wants to make sure that the people who dedicate their time to serving our country are compensated, as well as their families who are suffering a devastating loss. It can be difficult to try and navigate through all the paperwork and requirements that the VA needs, but it’s worth it in the end.funeral home near College Park, MD

If you feel that you or your loved one qualify for some of these services, you should reach out to your funeral home near College Park, MD. They will have years of experience in dealing with these matters, and they can connect you with the right resources. They will provide the proper paperwork, and make sure that you meet all the requirements necessary to receive the benefits that you deserve. You can take some comfort in knowing that the sacrifices that your loved one made for the sake of our country are not overlooked and that they can rest in peace being honored by their country.

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Deciding What to Do with a Loved One’s Ashes

After someone has been cremated, their family will receive back their ashes in a temporary urn. From here, they must decide what to do next; whether it’s to scatter them, store them in an urn, have them interred in a cemetery, or bury them. This variety of options is one reason why many people choose cremation services near Adelphi, MD. Here is some more information about your options when it comes to storing your loved one’s ashes, and honoring their memory.

Interment or Burial in a Cemetery

Having your loved one’s ashes interred in a niche at a cemetery’s columbarium is a common way to provide a final and permanent resting place. These receive perpetual care and maintenance, and they also provide a marked location where family and friends can visit at any time. Alternatively, you can have your loved one’s ashes buried in a cemetery, in a family plot, for example.

Urn Storage

Urns come in many forms, but essentially, they are storage vessels for a person’s ashes. They can be as simple as an engraved wooden box, or they could also be a much more decorative and sculptural vase, with many other options in between. These are commonly stored inside a family member’s home. Some families have multiple households that would like to keep a part of their loved one, and in this case, keepsake urns are a good solution. These are smaller urns that can hold a divided amount of ashes, allowing for every household to have a piece of their loved one in their home. Related to keepsake urns is keepsake jewelry, which provides a similar solution to multiple family members (or even close friends) wishing to keep a part of their loved one with them at all times.


Some people who choose to be cremated wish for their ashes to be spread or scattered in a particular place. For some, this could be a beloved vacation spot. For others, it might be a place that held many childhood memories. Wherever they have chosen, you will have to do a bit of research to see what kind of rules or regulations there are about scattering ashes there. Some places prohibit it entirely, some regulate it in certain areas, and some private properties require permission from the owner. Scattering at sea is another option, and you must simply travel at least three nautical miles away from shore before scattering. Finally, many cemeteries have scattering gardens, where a person’s remains can be spread in a peaceful spot.cremation services near Adelphi, MD

These are a few of the basic ways that you can either store or scatter your loved one’s ashes after their cremation services near Adelphi, MD. Depending on your family and your situation, one of these is likely to work for you. You can also ask your funeral home or cremation provider for more advice on local areas, as they will likely have more specific information due to their years of experience. Then, you can make a plan that will allow your loved one to rest in peace.

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What is a Post-Funeral Reception?

When a family faces the task of planning their loved one’s final arrangements, there will be many difficult decisions to make. Planning the viewing, funeral service, and burial or cremation, is not an easy task, especially for someone in the midst of mourning the loss of their loved one. Many families also take on the responsibility of planning a post-funeral reception, either at their funeral home near Adelphi, MD, or elsewhere. Not every situation will call for this, but a post-funeral reception can provide an excellent way for family and friends to gather together, eat, and unwind after a long and difficult day.

The first thing to think of when planning for the post-funeral dinner is how many people will be coming. If it’s just a smaller, intimate group, you might be able to host it at your home or the home of a family member or friend. Take note that this might not be the best option for everyone because it does put more responsibility on the host. For larger groups, you may want to consider another venue. Some ideas would be the reception hall at your funeral home or place of worship, renting out a banquet hall, or reserving an area of a restaurant. Depending on how many people are coming and what your plans are for the food, one of these should work for your family.

Speaking of food, this will be the next item to consider. The most inexpensive option is probably to have it in a potluck style, with those attending bringing a dish to share. This can be a good choice for a smaller to a medium-sized group of people. It doesn’t place the full burden of feeding the group on the family or host. However, it does require more work in the way of cleanup afterward. It also places the responsibility of cooking on those who will be attending. Your next option would be to have it catered or to order carryout food and bring it to the venue. This will be more costly, but it will also remove the burden of cooking and preparing. Finally, if you’re holding the post-funeral reception at a restaurant, you’ll be utilizing their services. They will cook, serve, and clean up afterward, allowing you and your family to focus on being together. Many times, families will want to share memories and stories of the one they lost, and this also offers a time for people to catch up in a more intimate setting than at the funeral.funeral home near Adelphi, MD

These are just the basic things you will have to consider when planning a post-funeral reception after your loved one’s services. It’s not always the first thing that comes to mind when making final arrangements, but it can be a beneficial time for family and friends. Your funeral home near Adelphi, MD, can help you plan it, and may even provide a place to host it. Then, you can focus on spending that time with family and friends, honoring your loved one in yet another way.

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Why is Cremation Often Considered “Greener” than Burial?

Many people are taking action in their lives to lower their environmental footprint. As we begin to see how humankind has affected the planet, it becomes more important than ever to make responsible choices in our lives. One way to do this is by seeking cremation services near College Park, MD, rather than having a traditional earth burial. There are several reasons why cremation is considered to be more environmentally friendly than what we think of as traditional burial.

One of the main ways that cremation is more beneficial is reduced land use. Burial in cemeteries takes up significant amounts of land, and some cemeteries are becoming overcrowded. When a loved one is cremated, many people do not choose to bury their remains at all. Some people will have their loved one’s ashes interred at a columbarium, providing a permanent marker in their honor. Others will keep the ashes stored in an urn inside their home. Some people wish for their ashes to be scattered in a meaningful location. Finally, some do wish for their cremated remains to be buried. However, even if this is the case, they take up much less room than a full-sized casket, and multiple different family members’ remains can be buried within one burial plot.

Another harmful way that burial can impact the earth comes from the toxic chemicals that may be buried in the process. Embalming involves the use of substances like formaldehyde, which is harmful to the natural environment. Additionally, many caskets are made of wood that is treated with chemicals intended to inhibit their degradation. These toxic substances can enter the soil after burial, causing harm to the natural ecosystem there. With cremation, none of these harmful chemicals will enter the environment at all.

One last way that cremation has less of a negative impact on the environment is that it uses much fewer valuable resources than burial. Caskets are typically made with hardwoods and metals, some of which are precious and rare. It has been claimed that in some cemeteries, there is enough hardwood buried to build an entire neighborhood’s worth of houses. Many of the materials that are used to make caskets will never decompose over time and will sit beneath the earth for time immemorial. With cremation, you have none of these issues.

cremation services near College Park, MDAll of this is not to say that cremation is a perfect process. It does release harmful gases into the air, like carbon dioxide, which is thought to contribute to climate change. However, when compared side-by-side to traditional burial, it is much less impactful. On the other hand, putting traditional burial aside, there are many more options now that allow for burial to be a “greener” process, using less harmful chemicals and valuable resources. Fortunately, people today have a wide array of options that allow them to make responsible choices. When seeking cremation services near College Park, MD, you can feel at peace knowing that your choices will have made less of a harmful impact on our planet. Contact us today.

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Traditional Burial vs. Green Burial

In recent years, there has been a great push to become more environmentally conscious in our lives, and with good reason. We are learning that this effort can even extend into how our final arrangements and disposition are handled. While cremation is coming to be seen as an eco-friendlier option, it releases harmful gases. There are many ways to have a “green” earth burial as well. At your funeral home near College Park, MD, you can ask about the different ways to make a burial less harmful to the environment.

Traditional burial typically involves a casket that is made using valuable treated hardwoods, as well as some type of metal. The casket is buried inside a concrete vault at the cemetery. Many people have their loved ones embalmed prior to burial so that a viewing and open-casket funeral is possible. Unfortunately, embalming and treated wood both involve harmful chemicals, which can be leached into the soil over time after burial. Additionally, most of the materials that are buried will not biodegrade over time.

Fortunately, there are more and more options becoming available that allow for the burial process to be much less harmful to the environment. You can do one or all of these things to lessen the negative impact of burial. One thing that many people are doing is purchasing a biodegradable casket or burial shroud. These are typically made of things like bamboo, untreated and sustainably harvested wood, silk, or other various materials. Unlike traditional caskets, these are designed to break down naturally into the soil, allowing the earth to continue its natural cycle. Depending on the cemetery where your loved one will be buried, you can also request that a concrete vault not be used. Not every place will allow for this, but it is worth looking into.

Another thing you can do to lessen the harmful impact of traditional burial is to utilize eco-friendly preservation methods. Rather than typical embalming, which uses harmful toxins like formaldehyde, you can look into greener solutions. These might include refrigeration, dry ice, or non-toxic embalming fluids. These options will not allow for as long of a period of preservation, so the services and burial will have to take place relatively soon after death.

Finally, many people are even foregoing the traditional concrete gravestone markers. Instead, they are opting for natural markers, such as a tree, decorative shrub or bush, or patch of perennial flowers. These provide an excellent way to add to and even improve the environment in that area. They also still give the family a meaningful place to visit when remembering their loved ones.funeral home near College Park, MD

As you can see, there are many creative ways to make a traditional burial more eco-friendly. Even if you are simply considering preplanning your own final arrangements, you can explore these options. At your local funeral home near College Park, MD, they can help introduce you to a variety of options for your final arrangements that are more beneficial to the environment. Then, you can feel at peace knowing that even after passing, you have made a positive difference to our planet for future generations.

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What to Know When Planning a Scattering Ceremony

Many people who have chosen to be cremated wish for their ashes to be spread in a certain place. This is often a spot that holds significant meaning for them, whether it’s a favorite vacation spot, or somewhere that a special event in their life took place. After the completion of cremation services near Adelphi, MD, the family will often hold a small scattering ceremony to return their loved ones to this place. If you are planning to do this for your loved one, there are some things you should keep in mind before making your plans.

The main thing to know is that you must find out the rules or regulations when it comes to scattering ashes in a certain area. For example, the private property requires the permission of the property owner. If it is your own property or that of a friend, simply asking their permission will suffice. If it is a larger location, such as a stadium or amusement park, you must speak with the authorities of that venue to get permission.

When it comes to public property, it’s important to find out from local authorities what is allowed. Some examples of public property might be a beach, a local park, or even a state park. It’s important to get in contact with someone of authority, such as the DNR, to find out if, where, and when the scattering of ashes is permitted. When it comes to waterways, such as rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, etc., a similar course must be taken. Find out what your local statues are when it comes to scattering ashes in these areas before making concrete plans to do so. Now, the ocean is a somewhat different matter. It is always legal to scatter ashes in the ocean, but it must be done at least three nautical miles away from shore. As a result, you and your family will need to use or rent a boat to travel the required distance.

Once you have determined the location and the legality of scattering ashes, you can decide how you want your ceremony to go. Some people might hold a very informal gathering of close family and friends, allowing each person to scatter a small number of ashes. This is a good way for everyone to say their own personal goodbye. Others might choose to have someone officiate a short service for those attending before the scattering takes place. There is a great amount of freedom when it comes to planning this, and you should do what works best for your family.cremation services near Adelphi, MD

Scattering ashes is a great way for you to honor your loved one’s memory, and you can feel at peace knowing that they have been returned to a location that meant something to them. It’s also an opportunity for family and friends to say goodbye, an important step in the grieving process. Cremation services near Adelphi, MD, allow for the scattering of ashes to happen. If you need help determining where you can go, ask your funeral home or contact local authorities to find out more information.

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What Does a Funeral Director Do?

Planning a funeral can be one of the most difficult tasks a person has to face. You are already grieving deeply for the loss of your loved one, and now you’re responsible for making important decisions regarding their final arrangements. Most people need as much help as they can get at this stage, whether it comes from friends, family, or your funeral home near Adelphi, MD. The funeral director is there to help everything go smoothly, and they will make sure that you and your family have everything you need to complete the services in the way that you and your loved one want.

First of all, the funeral director will sit down with you to make plans for your loved one’s services. If you would prefer a particular clergy member to lead the funeral, or you have someone else in mind, the funeral director can make the arrangements for them to be there. You can tell them what music you’d like to be played; and if you’d like a tribute video to be shown, this can be done as well. If you provide photos and memorabilia, they can help you put together boards to display these items. Perhaps your family has cultural customs that you’d like to observe; these can be arranged for with the help of the funeral director. Any item that you wish to be included in your loved one’s funeral services can be gotten with the help of the funeral director.

In addition to this, they will be able to help you select a casket for your loved one. If you need assistance in purchasing a burial plot, this can be arranged. If you’d like to purchase flowers, stationery, a guest book, thank you cards, or any other similar merchandise, the funeral director will help you get these things taken care of. They will make sure that you are fully informed of all the involved costs so that you are able to select and plan accordingly. If you need help with informing friends, family, and the community of details of the services, they can assist you with this. Additionally, if you’d like to set up a donation fund to a special charity in honor of your loved one, this can be arranged with the help of the funeral director.

funeral home near Adelphi, MDWhen the day of the funeral arrives, the director will be present to oversee all the services. They will be there to make sure that everything goes according to plan, and if there are any issues, they will be present to address them. This way, you and your family can focus on grieving your loss and receiving those attending, without having the additional stress of making sure things go well.

These are the main responsibilities of the funeral director at your funeral home near Adelphi, MD. While this is a basic overview of their duties, they also wear many other hats and fulfill many other duties. Know that during your time of need, they will be there to help you get through it.

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How Does a Traditional Funeral Compare to a Memorial Service?

In recent years, people have started to become more and more creative with making plans for their loved ones’ final arrangements. Traditional funerals and burials are still common, but many people are opting for cremation services near College Park, MD. There are several main differences between a traditional funeral and a memorial service, and both leave some room to create a more personalized service.

A traditional funeral typically begins with either visitation or viewing. A viewing is when the casket is open so that attendees can say their final goodbyes to the departed. A visitation is similar, but with a closed casket. Both options give a chance for people attending to give their brief condolences to the family while saying their goodbyes. The visitation or viewing may take place on the same day as the funeral, or it may be held the day before. Having it the day before can be beneficial because it allows for more flexibility with scheduling conflicts that attendees may have, and it doesn’t make for such an exhausting, long day. After the visitation and viewing, the funeral service takes place. This typically takes place either in a church or a funeral home, with the body present in the casket. Someone is chosen to officiate the services, and a eulogy is delivered as well. Depending on whether the deceased wishes to be buried or cremated, their body will then be transported either to the cemetery or the crematory. All of this must take place within a few days after the person passes away.

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A memorial service often takes place without the presence of the body of the departed. Some people will have their loved one’s ashes present at the memorial service. Because of this, it does not have to be scheduled within a certain time frame. Many people are grateful not to be constrained by this, and it relieves some of the pressure of planning that the immediate family feels during an already difficult time. A memorial service can be similar to a traditional funeral in many ways, taking place at a church or funeral home, with an officiant, etc. However, it does lend itself to some creativity and personalization, if the family wishes. It also makes it easier to plan for distant relatives to travel, or to plan for it to take place in the warmer months. Many people are even choosing to hold a “Celebration of Life”, which generally has a more upbeat feeling and a less formal atmosphere.

cremation services near College Park, MDEveryone’s circumstances are different, and each person is unique. It’s up to their family to decide which type of service would be most fitting to honor their memory. Your provider of cremation services near College Park, MD, can be of help when it comes to planning and memorialization. They can give suggestions for funeral homes and other types of venues for your loved one’s final arrangements. This way, you can be sure that your loved one’s services will honor them in the best way possible.

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What Must Be Done Immediately After a Death

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. It can be made more difficult when you’re responsible for undertaking all the necessary tasks that must be done after someone passes away. Having an idea of what to do beforehand will help, and keeping in touch with your funeral home near College Park, MD, will also be a benefit to you.

The first thing that must be done when a loved one passes away is to contact either emergency medical personnel or their primary care provider. They must come and provide a declaration of death, which is necessary to obtain a death certificate. If they passed away in the hospital or in a care facility, you won’t need to make these calls. If they passed at home while no one else was there, you must contact the authorities before doing anything else, so that they can investigate the scene.

The next thing you’ll need to do is call family and friends to begin informing people of the death. This can be a very painful task, and not everyone is up to it right away. If you find yourself unable to make these calls yourself, ask a trusted family member or friend to help you. After informing members of the family, you may choose to make a social media post announcing your loved one’s passing. This will let a larger group of the community know, and you won’t be burdened with trying to contact every single person in their life.

You’ll need to contact their preferred funeral home or cremation service provider to figure out the next steps. If they had made pre-arrangements already, this will make your job easier. All you’ll need to do is go along with what they had planned. If not, you’ll need to start making decisions when it comes to what kind of services you want for your loved one, the means of disposition, and more. Your funeral home will be able to help guide you through this process. They will make sure that your loved one’s body is transported to the proper place.

funeral home near College Park, MDOne last thing you’ll need to think about is your loved one’s home and pets. Make sure there is someone who is able to secure their home and make sure everything is locked. If they had pets, a new home will need to be found for them. If there’s any food in the fridge that needs to be thrown away, be sure to have someone clean it out. Have their mail forwarded to your address so that it doesn’t build up in their mailbox. These are all the little things that can sometimes be overlooked, but they are important.

Having an idea of what tasks need to be done in the hours and days after a death can help you deal with it a little more easily. Your funeral home near College Park, MD, will be there to help you through the entire ordeal so that you can take as much time as necessary to grieve and spend time with your family while processing your loss. That way, you can have peace of mind that things will go smoothly, and you’ll know that your loved one will be honored in the best way possible.

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Exploring Your Options for Cremation Services

Cremation services have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and it’s not difficult to see why. With the wide range of options you have for cremation services near Adelphi, MD, there is much more freedom when it comes to choosing and planning arrangements for your loved one. Ranging from basic, direct cremation to a full viewing and funeral prior to cremation, you’ll find something that works for your family no matter the circumstances.

The most basic and inexpensive option is direct cremation. This option does not include any kind of memorial or funeral service. You will be provided with paperwork and documents that must be filled out and notarized, and your loved one’s body will be transported to the crematory for disposition. Afterward, you will receive their remains in the form of bone ash, contained within a temporary urn. You’ll have the option of purchasing a permanent vessel or keepsake items, as well. If your loved one did not want any kind of service to be held in their honor, or you’re planning on a scattering ceremony only, this might be a good choice for your family.

Some people wish to have a full viewing or visitation followed by a traditional funeral, prior to cremation. This will be more cost-intensive because you’ll need to pay the funeral home fees, rent a casket, and possibly pay for embalming services as well. Rather than transporting your loved one to the cemetery after the funeral, they will be taken to the crematory to be cremated. This is a good choice for people who want a traditional funeral, but do not wish to be buried in a cemetery.

If you don’t want a full traditional funeral to be held beforehand, but you would still like a chance for immediate family to say a final goodbye before the cremation, this is possible. Most places will offer an hour or two of time prior to cremation for the family to be with their loved one and say their goodbyes. Many people choose this route if they are planning on holding a memorial service after the cremation. That way, those closest to the departed still get their chance to have closure, but they don’t have the burden of quickly making funeral arrangements. Instead, they have the freedom to plan the memorial service at a time that works best for them. For some families, this means waiting for warmer weather or planning for a time when far-away family members can make travel plans more easily.

cremation services near Adelphi, MDThe different options for cremation services near Adelphi, MD, make it possible to have arrangements that suit your family’s particular needs. Depending on your budget and your loved one’s wishes, you can choose anything from a traditional viewing and funeral prior to cremation, to the most basic, direct cremation services. There is room for flexibility and creativity so that you can make arrangements that are personal to the memory of the person you lost. Ask your cremation service provider for more details on their pricing and service options.