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Where Is it Legal to Scatter Ashes?

Scattering ashes can be a significant way to honor a loved one after their passing. It is a unique way to return their remains to a place they loved. It can also serve as an informal memorial gathering for friends and family, offering an opportunity for each person to personally contribute to the scattering. When a loved one has opted for cremation services near College Park, MD, find out whether they wanted their ashes scattered and where. Ideally, you’ll be able to go wherever they want, but it may not always be the case. You must find out beforehand what the laws and rules are in the location you’re planning to go.

If you want to scatter ashes in a body of water, there are a few different things to keep in mind. In the ocean, it’s always legal to scatter ashes, but you must be at least three nautical miles off-shore. The laws may vary when it comes to lakes, ponds, rivers, and other waterways. You will need to speak with the local government to determine what is allowed and obtain permission if possible.

If you want to spread ashes on your own property, that is always an option. You must obtain permission from the property owner on any other private property. This can include places like amusement parks or stadiums, as well. It’s still essential to obtain permission first when it comes to public lands, such as parks, golf courses, or beaches. Ask the county or state, whoever owns the land, if it’s okay to scatter ashes and where you can do so. Some places may prohibit scattering in busy public areas but allow it in more remote areas.

It is generally accepted when it comes to national parks, but you still must ask first. There are certain areas where scattering ashes is strictly not allowed, so make sure you’re not going to one of those locations beforehand. You may need to obtain a permit to scatter, as well.

Finally, some people choose to scatter their loved one’s ashes at a cemetery. Many cemeteries will have scattering gardens, which are peaceful areas to scatter and reflect on your memories. It’s still a good idea to ask the cemetery before scattering because certain private cemeteries may prohibit it or only be allowed in certain areas.

cremation services near College Park, MDIf you follow these guidelines for choosing a place to scatter ashes, you will be able to return your loved one to a meaningful place. If you only want to spread some of their ashes, there is a wide variety of merchandise for you to store the rest. Your provider of cremations services near College Park, MD, can help you figure out a plan for your loved one’s remains. They are experienced and dedicated to helping families during difficult times. Give them a call when you’re in need of a funeral home or cremation service provider, and let them ease some of your worries.

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What to Expect with a Traditional Funeral

Many people choose to have a traditional funeral for their final arrangements. This is probably the most commonly preferred option when it comes to services at funeral homes near College Park, MD. They are generally pretty consistent in how they proceed. When you are faced with planning a funeral for a loved one, it may help to have an idea of what is expected to happen.

Visitation or Viewing. This is typically the first part of the funeral. Sometimes called a wake, visitation is typical with a closed casket, and viewing has the coffin open. This is a chance for family, friends, and acquaintances to come and say their goodbyes to the departed. They’re often held the day before the funeral service. This gives attendees a chance to choose which one works better for their schedule. Sometimes people will host two viewings, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. This offers even more flexibility for people to be able to attend. It also provides a break for the family to recuperate and have dinner. One thing to note with this is that embalming is not required for a visitation (closed-casket), but for a viewing, you must have the embalming process completed. Regardless of whether you choose to hold an open-casket viewing for the public, the close family may always spend time and say goodbye to their loved one in private.

Funeral Service. This is the official service that takes place after the viewing or visitation. It typically is scheduled for the following day, although sometimes people choose to have both on the same day. This can occur at the funeral home, or it may be at a desired place of worship. The casket is typically present for a funeral service. If it is not present, it is termed a “memorial service” instead. There is typically an officiant to lead the service, followed by a eulogy. Sometimes people will be allowed to come up and share stories and memories with those in attendance. Sometimes chosen music will be played, or even a video. All these options allow for the service to be unique to the person being honored.

Burial. This generally follows immediately after the funeral. Attendees who want to be present for the committal service may proceed to the cemetery. They will lower the casket and hold a small benefit in which the ground is sanctified, and people can share memories. Less commonly, the funeral may be followed by cremation rather than burial.

funeral homes near College Park, MDThis is a basic outline of a typical funeral service at a funeral home near College Park, MD. If your loved one chose to have a traditional funeral and burial, now you know what you can expect. While planning may feel difficult and overwhelming during this difficult time, the funeral home and director exist to help you as much as possible. They will help arrange and oversee all the services so that you can focus on being with family and properly grieving. You can contact your funeral home to plan ahead or in times of immediate need, and begin making arrangements.

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What to Do with Your Loved One’s Ashes After Cremation

When a loved one passes away, many people need to find different ways to honor their memory. With traditional burial, the headstone and grave are places to visit and feel closer to your loved one. Cremation offers some different options, however. Many interesting, creative, and unique ways to memorialize your loved one after cremation services near Adelphi, MD.

While traditional urns are the most common way to store ashes, these are somewhat limiting in that only one family member keeps them. However, you can have a traditional urn and purchase keepsake urns or jewelry. These are smaller vessels and jewelry items that can contain a small number of ashes. They’re a good way for many different family members, or even friends, to keep a piece of their loved one with them wherever they go. There are many different styles, so you can choose one fitting to honor your loved one’s memory.

An alternative to loose ashes is solidified ashes. These feature a unique process that turns the ashes into small round stones, which resemble river rocks. They’re smooth and typically white, and you receive a number of stones back. You can use them to create a beautiful arrangement in your home. They’re easy to transport, and it’s another good way for multiple family members to keep a piece of their loved ones.

These days, more and more unique ways to use your loved one’s ashes are being developed. For instance, you can have them put into tattoo ink to leave an indelible memorial on your own skin. You can have their ashes turned into a beautiful, natural diamond. You can have their ashes incorporated into restoring a coral reef. They can be pressed into a vinyl record or their ashes put into an hourglass. You can have them be shot off in a fireworks show or even launched into space! In addition to these, there are many other unique ways to honor your loved one with their remains.

Some options might fit their memory if the departed had an interest in the environment or was a nature lover. You can find biodegradable urns that can be buried in the earth or at sea, which will break down and release their ashes back into the environment. You can even plant a tree with their ashes, producing a long-lasting and natural tribute to their memory. More simply, you can scatter their ashes in a beloved location. This can be an excellent way for family and friends to get together and say a personal goodbye.

cremation services near Adelphi, MDChoosing cremation services near Adelphi, MD, leaves room for creativity. It’s easy to find ways to honor your loved one’s memory, no matter their interests or passions. Your local funeral home will be able to help familiarize you with your options, and if you find something that interests you online, they can help arrange that as well. Finding a unique way to keep your loved one’s memory alive has never been easier.

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What You Should Know Before Making Pre-Arrangements

Many people decide to plan their final arrangements, and it’s a wise choice to make. Being in contact with a funeral home near Adelphi, MD, and letting them know your wishes, will benefit you and your loved ones as time goes on. When you sit down to start writing up your plans, there are many details you’ll need to consider. It helps to know what kind of information you will need before you begin preplanning.

To begin with, you’ll want to include a list of names and phone numbers of people who should be contacted in case of your death. This will consist of family members and could consist of friends, work, school, places of worship, or social clubs. This will help your family know who to contact to inform with news of your passing. You should also provide the phone number of your primary health care provider so that they can be reported. Including all this information will make your family’s job easier during their need.

One big thing to consider is what you want to be included in your obituary. You may not want to write your obituary in its entirety, but it can be helpful to have details about your parents, spouse, children, grandchildren, and siblings. Make a note of your work history, military history, and any personal hobbies or interests. You can even choose which photo will be included with your article and where you’d like it to be published.

You will likely have a preference for whether you want to be cremated or buried. Make sure that you include all your wishes regarding your arrangements, where you want your services to be held, and who you’d like to eulogize or lead the services. If you’re going to observe any cultural customs or traditions, note them. If you wish particular photos, memorabilia, or music included with your services, don’t forget to incorporate that information.

Finally, if you want to set up a pre-payment plan, you’ll need to figure out how it will fit into your budget. Paying ahead can save you and your family from rising prices due to inflation. It also helps remove the financial burden that families endure after the passing of a loved one.

funeral home near Adelphi, MDWhen you’re writing your will or otherwise making arrangements for your assets and estate, that might be an excellent time to plan your final arrangements. If you call or visit a funeral home website near Adelphi, MD, you can find more information about making pre-arrangements. Many places even have a form that you can fill out online from the comfort of your home. After doing this, you may need to meet with the funeral home director to make further arrangements. They will sit down with you and help develop the best plan for you. Then, you can feel comfortable knowing that your wishes will be upheld, and your family will thank you in the end.