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Funeral Benefits for Veterans

Do you have a family member who has passed away, that was a veteran? Whether they were on active or inactive duty or had been honorably discharged, they can qualify for several different benefits when it comes to their final services. Not everyone knows about this, but your funeral home near College Park, MD, can help you find out which benefits you might qualify for. Planning and paying for a funeral is a difficult and daunting task, especially because it must be done during a time of grieving and loss.

As a veteran, your loved one can receive full military honors, including a rifle guard and the playing of “Taps” at their funeral. Any necessary transportation may be provided. A flag folding ceremony is also an option, with the flag being presented to the next of kin, or a close friend. Burial in a state or national cemetery will also be compensated for, with a burial plot and a permanent grave marker, as well as perpetual care and maintenance. In addition to this, the spouse of the veteran will also receive a burial plot next to their husband or wife in the national or state cemetery. There are also some other caveats that may include children or grown dependent children, depending on your situation.

If your loved one died in active duty, either overseas or in training, there may be additional benefits that you can qualify for. If they received any kind of honors or medals during their time of service, and these have become lost or misplaced, you can order replacements at no charge. Additionally, you can apply for a Presidential Memorial Certificate, which is signed by the president to honor your loved one and offer gratitude for their dedicated service to our country.

One of the biggest reasons why these benefits can help you is because of the savings they provide when it comes to the costs of a funeral and burial. Coming up with the funds to pay for these things while in a time of need is never easy. Our nation wants to make sure that the people who dedicate their time to serving our country are compensated, as well as their families who are suffering a devastating loss. It can be difficult to try and navigate through all the paperwork and requirements that the VA needs, but it’s worth it in the end.funeral home near College Park, MD

If you feel that you or your loved one qualify for some of these services, you should reach out to your funeral home near College Park, MD. They will have years of experience in dealing with these matters, and they can connect you with the right resources. They will provide the proper paperwork, and make sure that you meet all the requirements necessary to receive the benefits that you deserve. You can take some comfort in knowing that the sacrifices that your loved one made for the sake of our country are not overlooked and that they can rest in peace being honored by their country.