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Having No Money to Pay for Funeral

Crowdfunding has proven to be a reliable and popular method of raising funds for funerals and memorials. If a family is unsure how to pay for a funeral because they don’t have any money, we frequently see friends and family members who knew the deceased pitch in to donate to a fundraiser or help with bills for related expenses. The cremation services in College Park, MD have seen many families raise the funds they require because people are often grateful to be able to help tangibly. Aside from raising funds, the fundraiser can provide a space for family and friends to share their thoughts and memories.

Funeral Fundraising Suggestions

Storytelling and restaurant fundraiser

Collaborate with a restaurant to raise funds for the funeral of a loved one. Request the restaurant to donate a small percentage of its sales on a specific night. The event attracts new customers, and by giving back, the restaurant gains community recognition. Inviting family, friends, and community members to a night of good food and good company will raise funds for your loved one’s funeral expenses while also allowing others to share their memories. You can even make it a storytelling night, with family and friends telling their favorite stories about the deceased.

Sporting event for charitable purposes

Funeral fund-raising ideas can go beyond car washes and bake sales. Holding a benefit tournament in your loved one’s favorite sport is one way to honor or celebrate them while raising funds.

Parks and community centers can make excellent venues, and space is usually free or cheap to reserve. Whatever sport you choose, organize small games, perhaps four-on-four, so that many people can participate at the same time. Participants can pay for their spot on a team by donating to your fundraiser.

Community painting project

If your loved one was an active member of the community, consider commissioning a public mural on a wall provided by a local business or civic organization. You can create a portable mural on canvas for a less public celebration. Locations such as public parks, fields, or community centers can be useful.

Provide paints, tiles, and brushes, or request donations from art stores. At the event, solicit donations for your fundraiser.

cremation services in College Park, MDHealing in conjunction with a ritual

Mourning is a healing process on many levels, both individually and collectively. An event in which family and friends participate in a healing ritual is one way to promote healing.

You could make a community quilt, a scrapbook of memories, read poetry in a circle, sing in a circle, or plant a tree. You can provide food and drinks to participants if you want. Before the event, solicit donations for your fundraiser.

Funerals unite people to mourn, celebrate and heal. Although the costs can be high, crowdfunding is a tried and true method of raising funds while bringing people together in the name of a loved one. Start your fundraiser right away if you haven’t already. The cremation services in College Park, MD are here to assist you in any way we can. Please contact us right away to schedule an appointment or stop by our office.