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How Can Cremated Remains be Used to Memorialize a Loved One?

When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to figure out how to honor and remember them for the years to come. Cremation has become more popular throughout the years, and it allows for more creative ways to memorialize your loved ones. When you choose cremation services near College Park, MD, for your loved one, you will receive their cremains in the form of ashes. These will generally come in a temporary container, and you’ll need to either choose internment at a cemetery or storage at home.

If you decide to take your loved one’s remains home with you, the main vessel you will need to choose will be an urn. These come in all shapes and sizes, made from a variety of different materials. You may choose a simple wooden box with engraved details about your loved one, that can be kept in any room of your home. Beyond this option, you’ll find many other vessels that you can choose to reflect their personality in life. These could be sculptural metal containers, decorative ceramic vases, or anything in between. The variety available allows you to choose one that is appropriate for honoring your loved one’s memory.

While an urn will likely hold the majority of their ashes, jewelry is a more personal way to keep your loved one close to you. There are necklaces, bracelets, and more out there that can hold a small number of ashes in them. These are a great way for multiple family members or friends to have a part of their dearly departed with them wherever they go. The different styles may be chosen to reflect their style and personality, and the piece will hold deeper meaning than a regular pendant.

In addition to containers for your loved one’s cremains, another way to use their ashes to honor their memory is by spreading them in a meaningful place. This might be a location from childhood that held fond memories or a favorite vacation spot. Gathering family and friends together to spread their ashes will create a meaningful memory and allow everyone to grieve and reminisce. Each person can spread a small amount, allowing them to take a personal part in the memorialization process.

cremation services near College Park, MDThese are all ways in which you can memorialize and honor your loved ones after their passing. They also can help you and your family and friends with your personal grieving processes, and allow you to keep your loved one close for years to come. At Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home, P.A., we can tell you about your options for urns, memorial jewelry, and more. When you come to us for cremation services near College Park, MD, we will walk you through every necessary step to get your loved one taken care of. We will ensure that their wishes are carried out, and any guidance you and your family need will be provided. Let us know when you need us, night or day, and let us help you through this difficult time.