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Learn More About Direct Cremation Services

When you’re faced with making final arrangements for a loved one, the options can seem intimidating and overwhelming. This is especially true if they have not made pre-arrangements, because you will then need to make all the decisions. If you have decided to go with cremation services near College Park, MD, for their disposition, your funeral home can walk you through all your options. Some people choose to have a full viewing and funeral prior to cremation, while others choose the simpler route of direct cremation.

Direct cremation is essentially what it sounds like: a person’s bodily remains are sent directly to the crematory, without any types of services taking place beforehand. Some families may choose to have an intimate final goodbye prior to cremation, while others will not. Until the time that the cremation takes place, their bodily remains will be kept safe on the crematory premises. After the process is finished, the family will receive their loved one back in the form of bone ashes, held within a temporary urn. They will have the option to purchase a permanent urn, and from there may choose to do with them what they wish. Some people scatter their loved one’s ashes in a special place, some keep them in an urn within their home, and still, others have them interred at a cemetery or columbarium. There are also many more unique ways to memorialize a loved one using their ashes, including creating diamonds and even shooting them into space.

There are several different reasons why a family might choose direct cremation for their loved one. One of the biggest advantages to direct cremation is the low cost, especially when compared to paying for a full traditional funeral and burial. It is really the most affordable option for disposition. A family might also choose direct cremation because they wish to hold their loved one’s services at a later time. This might be so that family and friends can plan to attend from far away, or they may wish to plan the memorial service during the warmer months. It’s also possible that their loved one expressed the wish for simple and minimal services, and the family is simply upholding their wishes. Additionally, they may have wanted their ashes to be spread in a special location, which sometimes requires significant preparation and planning ahead, especially if others are invited to attend.

cremation services near College Park, MDWhile direct cremation is relatively straightforward, it leaves the family with a lot of freedom when it comes to planning a memorial service. This, and the lower cost associated with it, is the reason that many families might choose direct cremation for their loved ones. If you’re interested in learning more about your options when it comes to cremation services near College Park, MD, then simply contact your local funeral home or crematory. They will help you choose the right type of service for your loved one and your family’s needs and budget. Then, you can take comfort in knowing that your loved one will be remembered in the best way possible.