cremation services in Burtonsville, MD

Planning Cremation Services

Planning cremation services in Burtonsville, MD is something that your funeral director is very familiar with. The funeral home can give you guidance and provide all the support you need to make sure that cremation services for your loved one go smoothly and fulfill all the needs and wishes that you and your family have in the wake of your loss.

The first step in the cremation services process is the transportation of your loved one’s body from the place of death to the funeral home. If your loved one died in a hospital, someone from the hospital staff will make these transportation arrangements. If your loved one was in hospice care at home, the hospice nurse who comes at the time of death will contact the funeral home for transport.

One or two staff members will come to your home to remove your loved one’s body and take it to the funeral home. The process is very dignified and your loved one’s body – and you and your family – are given utmost respect throughout this process.

The second part of planning cremation services is to decide what type of cremation you want for your loved one. There are two different options: direct cremation and traditional cremation.

When you choose a direct cremation, your loved one is cremated without a service before their cremation. People who chose direct cremation for their loved ones typically hold a memorial service or some other type of service (scattering the cremation remains, etc.) at a later date.

The benefit of having a direct cremation with a service at a later time is that it gives you and your family time to plan a unique way to remember your loved one and it gives those who wish (if the service is public) or those who are invited (if the service is private) the time to plan to be at the service. This is especially helpful if people will be traveling to the service and need to make work, travel, and lodging arrangements.

When you choose a traditional cremation for your loved one, a service is held before they are cremated. You may choose to have a visitation or viewing, which is then followed by the service. If you choose to have a viewing and have the body of your loved one at the service, you will be required to have the body embalmed (having the body embalmed is not required for direct cremations or for cremations, such as in the Jewish faith, that occur within a day or two after death).

To have your loved one cremation, the funeral home will require you to sign a cremation authorization form. The cremation authorization form gives the funeral home the authority to cremate your loved one, following strict guidelines that ensure that their identity is confirmed throughout the cremation process, ensuring that their cremation remains are the cremation remains that are returned to you.

The next cremation service will be getting death certificates. You will need several copies of the death certificate to handle financial, insurance, and property matters after your loved one’s death. You should plan on getting 15 or 20 copies of the death certificate (you can order additional copies for a fee) to start with.

Finally, you will plan a service to honor the memory of your loved one. You may decide on a more structured memorial service held at the funeral home or a church, or you may decide on a personalized service that highlights a passion or hobby of your loved one. The funeral home will assist you in making all the necessary arrangements.

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