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Remember Mothers Who Have Died

After a mother’s funeral at funeral homes in Beltsville, MD, the memories of her will live on and on. We all discovered Mother’s Day early in our childhoods, and our celebration of Mother’s Day began with drawing a picture or putting a little gift together in elementary school to take home to our mothers. And they cherished each one of those rudimentary efforts by proudly displaying them on the refrigerator or on a corkboard in the kitchen or den.

And, even when we grew up and left home, all the mementos of Mother’s Days gone past were carefully tucked away in a box somewhere in the attic or basement, because they were special to our mothers.

Mothers were our first go-to person from the day we were born. Whether we were hungry, we needed a diaper change, or we just needed to be held, mothers were often the first to respond to our cries. They’d spend hours rocking us, holding us, and bonding with us.

As we got a little older, mothers were there to clean up cuts and scrapes, put bandages on, dry our tears, give us advice how not to get hurt again, and then let us go back out to the big, bad world of playing better prepared.

By our teen years, we are ready to stretch our wings a bit and fly, and while our mothers may want to hold us closer because they can see how quickly time flies and how soon we will actually launch out of the nest and into our own places in the world, we want some distance between us and them. The inevitable tension of these years for both our mothers (and our fathers) and us can seem like it will never end for anybody.

But we still love them and they still love us, and we still do neat things for them on Mother’s Days, although as we mature we realize that every day is Mother’s Day and our world would never be right without them in it, even if we’re trying as hard as we can to push them away some.

It is not really until we go out on our own, to college or to work, that we truly appreciate all that our mothers have done and we start moving back toward them as they adult children in a relationship that is still respectful, but has elements of friendship mixed in.

We may have been the caregivers for our mothers in the last years of their lives. Whether they had heart conditions, dementia or mixed dementia, or the debilitating effects of a stroke, they were still our mothers and we loved them. The roles may have reversed, with us becoming the parent and them becoming the child, but we never neglected to show them honor and respect.

This Mother’s Day, instead of thinking about their absence in our lives, we should instead fill our lives up with all the memories our time with them. Play some music your mother loved, Cook or bake her signature dish or the one that was your favorite growing up. Take a long, long walk and just rehearse all the fun times, all the funny times, and all the sweet times you had with your mother and you’ll find Mother’s Day is not as hard as it could be.

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