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Should You Have a Celebration of Life?

After cremations as part of the cremation services offered in Adelphi, MD, one of the types of memorial services that you can have is a celebration of life. When you die, your family will understandably be devastated with your loss.

They will be grieving your absence in their lives. They will want a service that is not only a memorial to you, but that also allows them to share memories, stories, and adventures in their life with you.

Choosing a celebration of life as a memorial service is often based on who you were as a person and how you want to be remembered. You may not want a somber, serious, and formal memorial service, but instead you may want a service that is uplifting and that focuses on the life you lived, not the death you died.

A celebration of life is a service that focuses on how you lived your life, instead of focusing solely on your death. If you are someone who is lighthearted and doesn’t like serious ceremonies, then a celebration of life may be the perfect choice for your memorial service.

Celebrations of life are very informal gatherings. The focus of a celebration of life is to talk about you when you were alive and to celebrate the life that you lived. While a celebration of life is not exactly a party, the focus is more about living than dying.

So what’s involved in a celebration of life? Usually, celebrations of life feature some sort of entertainment, food, drinks, and a very loose, informal atmosphere where friends and family exchange memories and stories about you and your impact on their lives.

Some people choose to have their favorite games or pastimes as the centerpiece of their celebration of life. For example, if you love football, your friends and family might hold your celebration of life while watching your favorite football team play.

Other examples might be having a celebration of life at the beach or going skiing in the mountains.

Whatever is special to you in your life might be used as the theme of your celebration of life. Since celebrations of life are held after cremation, you can even have your family and friends take the time to plan a weekend to meet somewhere to have your celebration of life.

Music is one of the things that most of us hold dear. We like certain genres of music or certain songs, and many celebrations of life will include our favorite songs or genres of music. You might want to have live music or you may want to make a celebration of life playlist on Spotify or another streaming music service to be played at your celebration of life.

Food and drinks are almost always a part of celebrations of life. You can request that your celebration of life be held at one of your favorite restaurants or you can ask that your favorite foods and drinks be served at your celebration of life. Since the focus is on you and your life, the food and drinks served should be the ones that are your favorites.

cremation services offered in Adelphi, MD

The atmosphere of celebrations of life is very casual and so too, often, is the dress. You can specify what you’d like people to wear if there is a theme (such as a football game) to your celebration of life.

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