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The Most Common Family Heirlooms

tel:+13019371707After cremations as part of the cremation services offered in Burtonsville, MD, one of the things that the surviving family members will do is go through the family heirlooms and distribute them according to the deceased’s wishes or, if they did not specify who they should go to, to the family members who want them.

Family heirlooms are anything the family has considered to be valuable and has been passed down through the family for several generations. These can be items of monetary value, such as antiques or rare collections, or they can be items with sentimental value. And, while some family heirlooms are very old, some may be newer, but become family heirlooms because they had so much value in the life of the family who has lost a loved one.

However, in almost family, there are some common heirlooms that the family keeps and passes on to future generations.

Jewelry is one common family heirloom. It may be a set of pearls, a wedding band set, or a set of cufflinks that has been in the family for a very long time. Often, in the case of wedding rings, grandmothers and mothers will specify that they want a specific granddaughter or daughter to have their wedding rings when they die.

Timepieces are another common family heirloom. Whether it’s a pocket watch (that may or may not run) or a grandfather clock, these often make their way through successive generations of a family.

It might surprise you to learn that furniture is a very common family heirloom. The furniture may have been built by a grandfather or great-grandfather, making it special and valuable, or the furniture may be an exquisite china cabinet or piano that has been in the family for generations.

Recipes, especially the handwritten recipe cards, are also a very common family heirloom. Having Grandma’s recipe for apple pie or Mom’s recipe for perfect biscuits is something that each generation will cherish. And when they cook the recipes of those who have gone before them, they are reminded of how much they were loved and cherished.

Bibles and other kinds of books are also included in common family heirlooms. Some families have Bibles that belonged to great-great grandparents, and they often contain, not only family history, but also treasures such as notes or old newspaper clippings that give insights into life at that time.

If you’ve had family members who were in the military at any point in American history, then the odds are good that your family has some of these common heirlooms. These can include uniforms, dog tags, medals, and boots.

Handmade quilts are also a common family heirloom. Most quilts that have been made in the last 50 years or so were sewn using regular cloth and sewing machines. Handmade quilts, on the other hand, were hand-sewn, using scraps of cloth from other sewing projects. Some of them were made to help keep the family warm in wintertime, so they have a nice, thick layer of insulating material between the patches of cloth, making them both beautiful and practical.

Collections of things are also common family heirlooms. These could include sports card collections, stamp collections, coin collections, and car collections. While some may have a lot of value, families don’t generally want to sell them.

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