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What is a Post-Funeral Reception?

When a family faces the task of planning their loved one’s final arrangements, there will be many difficult decisions to make. Planning the viewing, funeral service, and burial or cremation, is not an easy task, especially for someone in the midst of mourning the loss of their loved one. Many families also take on the responsibility of planning a post-funeral reception, either at their funeral home near Adelphi, MD, or elsewhere. Not every situation will call for this, but a post-funeral reception can provide an excellent way for family and friends to gather together, eat, and unwind after a long and difficult day.

The first thing to think of when planning for the post-funeral dinner is how many people will be coming. If it’s just a smaller, intimate group, you might be able to host it at your home or the home of a family member or friend. Take note that this might not be the best option for everyone because it does put more responsibility on the host. For larger groups, you may want to consider another venue. Some ideas would be the reception hall at your funeral home or place of worship, renting out a banquet hall, or reserving an area of a restaurant. Depending on how many people are coming and what your plans are for the food, one of these should work for your family.

Speaking of food, this will be the next item to consider. The most inexpensive option is probably to have it in a potluck style, with those attending bringing a dish to share. This can be a good choice for a smaller to a medium-sized group of people. It doesn’t place the full burden of feeding the group on the family or host. However, it does require more work in the way of cleanup afterward. It also places the responsibility of cooking on those who will be attending. Your next option would be to have it catered or to order carryout food and bring it to the venue. This will be more costly, but it will also remove the burden of cooking and preparing. Finally, if you’re holding the post-funeral reception at a restaurant, you’ll be utilizing their services. They will cook, serve, and clean up afterward, allowing you and your family to focus on being together. Many times, families will want to share memories and stories of the one they lost, and this also offers a time for people to catch up in a more intimate setting than at the funeral.funeral home near Adelphi, MD

These are just the basic things you will have to consider when planning a post-funeral reception after your loved one’s services. It’s not always the first thing that comes to mind when making final arrangements, but it can be a beneficial time for family and friends. Your funeral home near Adelphi, MD, can help you plan it, and may even provide a place to host it. Then, you can focus on spending that time with family and friends, honoring your loved one in yet another way.