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What to Do with Your Loved One’s Ashes After Cremation

When a loved one passes away, many people need to find different ways to honor their memory. With traditional burial, the headstone and grave are places to visit and feel closer to your loved one. Cremation offers some different options, however. Many interesting, creative, and unique ways to memorialize your loved one after cremation services near Adelphi, MD.

While traditional urns are the most common way to store ashes, these are somewhat limiting in that only one family member keeps them. However, you can have a traditional urn and purchase keepsake urns or jewelry. These are smaller vessels and jewelry items that can contain a small number of ashes. They’re a good way for many different family members, or even friends, to keep a piece of their loved one with them wherever they go. There are many different styles, so you can choose one fitting to honor your loved one’s memory.

An alternative to loose ashes is solidified ashes. These feature a unique process that turns the ashes into small round stones, which resemble river rocks. They’re smooth and typically white, and you receive a number of stones back. You can use them to create a beautiful arrangement in your home. They’re easy to transport, and it’s another good way for multiple family members to keep a piece of their loved ones.

These days, more and more unique ways to use your loved one’s ashes are being developed. For instance, you can have them put into tattoo ink to leave an indelible memorial on your own skin. You can have their ashes turned into a beautiful, natural diamond. You can have their ashes incorporated into restoring a coral reef. They can be pressed into a vinyl record or their ashes put into an hourglass. You can have them be shot off in a fireworks show or even launched into space! In addition to these, there are many other unique ways to honor your loved one with their remains.

Some options might fit their memory if the departed had an interest in the environment or was a nature lover. You can find biodegradable urns that can be buried in the earth or at sea, which will break down and release their ashes back into the environment. You can even plant a tree with their ashes, producing a long-lasting and natural tribute to their memory. More simply, you can scatter their ashes in a beloved location. This can be an excellent way for family and friends to get together and say a personal goodbye.

cremation services near Adelphi, MDChoosing cremation services near Adelphi, MD, leaves room for creativity. It’s easy to find ways to honor your loved one’s memory, no matter their interests or passions. Your local funeral home will be able to help familiarize you with your options, and if you find something that interests you online, they can help arrange that as well. Finding a unique way to keep your loved one’s memory alive has never been easier.