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What to Expect with a Traditional Funeral

Many people choose to have a traditional funeral for their final arrangements. This is probably the most commonly preferred option when it comes to services at funeral homes near College Park, MD. They are generally pretty consistent in how they proceed. When you are faced with planning a funeral for a loved one, it may help to have an idea of what is expected to happen.

Visitation or Viewing. This is typically the first part of the funeral. Sometimes called a wake, visitation is typical with a closed casket, and viewing has the coffin open. This is a chance for family, friends, and acquaintances to come and say their goodbyes to the departed. They’re often held the day before the funeral service. This gives attendees a chance to choose which one works better for their schedule. Sometimes people will host two viewings, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. This offers even more flexibility for people to be able to attend. It also provides a break for the family to recuperate and have dinner. One thing to note with this is that embalming is not required for a visitation (closed-casket), but for a viewing, you must have the embalming process completed. Regardless of whether you choose to hold an open-casket viewing for the public, the close family may always spend time and say goodbye to their loved one in private.

Funeral Service. This is the official service that takes place after the viewing or visitation. It typically is scheduled for the following day, although sometimes people choose to have both on the same day. This can occur at the funeral home, or it may be at a desired place of worship. The casket is typically present for a funeral service. If it is not present, it is termed a “memorial service” instead. There is typically an officiant to lead the service, followed by a eulogy. Sometimes people will be allowed to come up and share stories and memories with those in attendance. Sometimes chosen music will be played, or even a video. All these options allow for the service to be unique to the person being honored.

Burial. This generally follows immediately after the funeral. Attendees who want to be present for the committal service may proceed to the cemetery. They will lower the casket and hold a small benefit in which the ground is sanctified, and people can share memories. Less commonly, the funeral may be followed by cremation rather than burial.

funeral homes near College Park, MDThis is a basic outline of a typical funeral service at a funeral home near College Park, MD. If your loved one chose to have a traditional funeral and burial, now you know what you can expect. While planning may feel difficult and overwhelming during this difficult time, the funeral home and director exist to help you as much as possible. They will help arrange and oversee all the services so that you can focus on being with family and properly grieving. You can contact your funeral home to plan ahead or in times of immediate need, and begin making arrangements.