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What to Expect with a Veteran’s Funeral

There are many people who choose to dedicate a part of their lives to serving our country. No matter which branch they serve in, we are grateful to them for their sacrifices. If you have a veteran family member that passes away, there are certain benefits that are offered for their funeral and burial. You can ask your funeral home near College Park, MD, about what kind of services are available for veterans’ funerals and how arrangements might be made. Here are some of the options you might have.

Many veterans are buried in national or state veterans’ cemeteries. These are located across the country, and provide a final resting place for many people who have helped to serve our country. Veterans who qualify can receive a free burial plot and burial at a national veterans cemetery. Their final resting place will be marked with a plaque or headstone displaying their name, dates of birth and death, and time served in the military, as well as which branch they served in. Other optional information can be added as well. Their graves will receive perpetual care, and their remains will reside in a place of great national and historical significance. The spouse and minor children of the veteran can also qualify to be buried with them in the national cemetery in the case that they pass away.

Some other veterans will wish to be buried in a private cemetery. This could be a place where their ancestors have been traditionally buried, which is very important in some families. Although they will not receive the free plot and burial that they would get at a national or state cemetery, there are still many benefits available, such as a burial allowance. This would be able to help pay for the funeral, burial, and transportation costs.

funeral home near College Park, MDQualifying veterans will also receive military honors at their funeral, whether they are buried in a national or private cemetery. This includes a flag-folding ceremony and the playing of “Taps”, with at least two members of the military present. At least one of these must be from the same branch as the person who is being buried. In some cases, a rifle guard may attend. Most veterans can also receive a free headstone or marker, a burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate. In addition to this, there are many survivor’s benefits that the immediate family of the deceased can receive if they qualify.

Most of these benefits must be applied for through the VA. You can speak to your funeral home to find out more information and to make arrangements. The VA should be able to walk you through all the steps necessary to receive these veterans’ benefits. They are a way to offer appreciation for the service that our military members provide to our country. Your funeral home near College Park, MD, can help you determine what benefits will apply and how to incorporate them into your loved one’s funeral and burial. Then you can take comfort in knowing that your loved one’s service will be remembered and honored.