cremation services near College Park, MD

Why are Cremation Services Becoming More Popular?

Cremation services are a common alternative to traditional burial. Cremation has been a method of disposition for most of history, and its popularity rises and fallen throughout the generations. Currently, cremation services near College Park, MD, are rising in demand. There are several reasons why more people are choosing cremation for themselves and their loved ones.

One of the biggest reasons that people are choosing cremation is the lower cost. You can generally expect to spend significantly less on cremation than on traditional burial, even if a traditional funeral is held beforehand. You won’t need to purchase a burial plot or a casket, and you may not need to pay for embalming services either. These savings can quickly add up, and for many families, that is a huge benefit to consider. Additionally, if you do not want to have a funeral or memorial service, but simply require a direct cremation, it becomes very cost-effective.

Another reason that cremation services are becoming more popular is the flexibility they offer when it comes to planning. Many people plan a memorial service, rather than a funeral, for their loved ones who have been cremated. This takes away the stress of having to make immediate arrangements, and you can schedule the service for a time that makes more sense for everyone. For instance, if you have lots of families that live far away and they need more time to make travel arrangements, this is possible with a memorial service. Your loved one may have wanted their services to take place outside, during the warmer months. No matter when they passed away, you have the freedom to wait until the optimal time to make plans.

For those who have a passion for protecting their environment, cremation services also have less of a negative impact compared to a traditional burial. They don’t require a plot of land and don’t allow harmful embalming chemicals to enter the soil. Cremation does release carbon dioxide, which is known as a greenhouse gas, but when you compare the two side-by-side, cremation has less of a footprint than traditional earth burial.

Finally, there is a lot of flexibility for a memorialization with cremation as well. You can purchase a beautiful urn that honors their memory, you can scatter their ashes in a beloved location, or you can inter or bury their ashes in a cemetery. These are all excellent ways to lay your loved one to rest, and depending on your family and situation, one of them will be fitting for your loved one.cremation services near College Park, MD

These are the main reasons that cremation services have begun to see an increase in demand in recent years. People are finding that the flexibility it offers is more appropriate for their family and situation. As we become more aware of how our choices impact the environment, the argument for cremation services near College Park, MD, begins to make even more sense. Ask your funeral home or provider of cremation services for more information, to find out if it’s the right choice for you and your family, as well as your loved one.