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Why is Cremation the Right Choice for Some People?

Cremation is becoming more popular year after year, and many people are finding the benefits of choosing cremation services over traditional burial. Whether they’re interested in the possible savings or the environmental impact, there are many reasons why someone might choose cremation. If you’re interested in finding out about cremation services near Adelphi, MD, you may want to consider some of the following aspects of choosing cremation.

One of the biggest reasons that cremation might be a good choice for you is the potential to save money. Cremation is generally less expensive than a traditional burial because there are fewer hidden or unexpected costs. You don’t have to buy a casket, pay for embalming, or purchase a burial plot. You may even host just one memorial service, rather than a separate viewing followed by a funeral. Of course, there are many variations on how you can make the arrangements, but some of the options will certainly have a lower price tag if you choose cremation.

When deciding between cremation or burial, another thing many people consider is the environmental impact. While cremation services are not completely “green”, they make less of an impact than a traditional burial. This is because the chemicals used in embalming are not ideal for the environment, and it doesn’t require a plot of land. If you’re part of the growing number of people striving for a healthier planet, cremation may be worth your consideration.

Another benefit to cremation is the options when it comes to memorialization. Family members may choose to keep their loved one’s ashes in some type of container, called an urn. There is a huge variety when it comes to styles and materials, allowing for the loved one’s personality in life to shine through. Ranging from understated wooden containers that can be personalized to more showy sculptural vases and everything in between, there are myriad options to choose from. There are also options for jewelry, which are able to contain a small amount of ashes. These are a great way for many family members and friends to keep a part of their dearly departed close to them at all times. Another way to memorialize someone using their cremains is by spreading their ashes. Many people have places from childhood that hold special memories, or beloved vacation spots. It’s possible to bring your loved one back to a place that they held dear, and it’s a meaningful way to get the family together to reminisce.

cremation services near Adelphi MDThese are just a few of the reasons why cremation might be the right choice for you. It’s a tough thing to think about, but it’s worth having an idea of what you would prefer before the time comes to make a decision. Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home, P.A. offers cremation services near Adelphi, MD, and we can help you make a plan for yourself or a loved one who has passed. Our thoughtful and caring staff will make sure that your wishes are carried out, and your family is well taken care of. Call us anytime, day or night.