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Why is it Wise to Preplan?

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re arranging your affairs, but preplanning your own final arrangements can be very beneficial to both you and your family. Many people write a will and make plans for what will happen to their possessions and assets, often many years before they pass. Why not do the same with your final arrangements? Whether you wish to be cremated or buried, your funeral home near College Park, MD, can get you started with preplanning, so that you know your wishes will be carried out.

One of the biggest advantages of preplanning your own final arrangements is that it puts you in control of what happens after you’re gone. Many people have strong preferences as to what their chosen method of disposition should be, as well as how they want their funeral or memorial services to go. You might want to be cremated and have your ashes scattered in a special place, or you may wish to be buried next to your spouse in a cemetery. Perhaps you want your memorial service to take place in the form of a “celebration of life”, or maybe you want your funeral to happen at your chosen place of worship. Each preference you have for your own final arrangements can be written down and preserved by your chosen funeral home, able to be transferred to anywhere in the country if need be. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled in the event of your passing.

By ensuring that your own wishes are upheld, you are also relieving the burden of decisions from your family. It can be difficult to make those important and heavy decisions after a loved one has passed away, and in some cases, it can lead to disagreement between family members. By deciding ahead of time what should happen, they will no longer be responsible for making those choices, and can instead focus on being together and grieving their loss.

funeral home near College Park, MDWhile it is not a requirement when preplanning, it’s always recommended to start a payment plan ahead of time. This allows you to begin putting aside funds for your final services, and it also ensures that you lock in the current rates for funeral services. These rates, as is the case with any other industry, will rise over time due to inflation. By locking in the current rates and setting money aside, you will significantly save yourself and your loved ones from extra financial stress.

These are all excellent reasons to take the time to preplan for your own final arrangements. You can call or visit the website of your local funeral home near College Park, MD, to get started. They will connect with you and take you through every necessary step. Then, you can live out your days with a sense of comfort and peace, knowing that your wishes will be carried out and that you’ll be saving your family from extra emotional and financial burdens.