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Why Some Deaths Are Not Peaceful

Before cremations as part of the cremation services offered in Greenbelt, MD, most people, if they don’t die suddenly or unexpectedly, who are dying go through a process physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For some people, the process is very peaceful as they come to the end of their lives. However, for other people, the process is not peaceful

There are many reasons why a death may not be peaceful. Much of this has to do with not actually preparing for death and having it as unfinished business.

One reason why a death may not be peaceful is that the person hasn’t thought about their life ending. Because we live in a society where death is a subject that many people studiously avoid talking about, there are people who live their entire lives without ever having the conscious realization that they will die.

Therefore, when these people get the news that they have a terminal illness or that death is approaching, it’s shocking. They are unable to quite grasp that their time is finite and it will be over soon.

With the knowledge that death is approaching, more questions than answers arise. Since these people haven’t thought about dying, they also haven’t thought about what they want in terms of care at the end of their lives and they haven’t thought about the final note to their lives, which is their funerals.

The stress and anxiety of a terminal illness can make it a lot more difficult to make clear, thoughtful, and logical decisions about end-of-life care and funeral wishes. This leads to a lack of peace.

Another reason why people might not have peaceful deaths is because they haven’t talked to their loved ones about their deaths. They may not have advance care directives in place and they may not have wills or revocable trusts to direct how their estates should be distributed and to whom they should be distributed.

Additionally, there is often unfinished business in close relationships that can lead to a lack of peace at the end of life. There may be rifts that the dying person wants to mend and they may not have time or the person they want to mend them with has no interest in reconciling.

There may be misunderstandings and hard feelings that need to be addressed and resolved and there may be no way or no time to do that when someone receives a terminal diagnosis. There may also be amends that the dying person wants to make with people who matter to them and it may be impossible to do that.

All of these can make dying an unpeaceful process.

Some people just live unhappy lives. If a person has lived unhappily, they will die unhappily. People who have been unhappy all their lives have never learned to accept life as it comes and make the best of it. Instead, they’ve felt that life has been unfair to them or they’ve gotten the short end of the stick from life, and they’ve been unhappy because of that. This can lead to unpeaceful death.

A final reason why people may not experience a peaceful death is that they’ve held on to resentments against other people or they’ve held on to regrets about things that have come and gone and can’t be changed. In short, they’ve not known how to forgive and to get and move on emotionally, which can make dying a very unpeaceful experience.

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