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Writing a Memorable Obituary for a Loved One

An obituary is a special document that can serve several different purposes. Its primary purpose is as a public announcement of the person’s passing, often published in one or more local or regional newspapers. Beyond this, an obituary can also stand as a lasting document that honors a person’s memory. They are preserved in the public record so that future generations can access them and learn more about their family members. Your funeral home near Adelphi, MD, can help you figure out how and where to publish it, and they can give advice on any other questions you may have as well. Here are some ideas for writing an obituary.

To begin with, there are some important basic details that most or every obituary should include. This is personal information like the person’s date and place of birth and death, their parent’s names, and the names of their spouse, siblings, children, and grandchildren. Most people will write about where they lived most of their life, where they attended school, and where they worked. If they were a veteran, you’ll likely want to include details about what branch they were a part of and where and when they served.

Looking past these essential details, you can begin to consider more personal aspects of their life. You can start with thinking about what they chose to spend their time doing, especially outside of work. They may have loved to travel, spent time boating, kept a garden, played an instrument, or played a sport. Go into a little more detail about their passions and what they spent their time on. You can also consider how they served within their community if they did. For instance, were they active in their church? Did they donate their time to serving those less fortunate in their community? These are the things that make a person who they are, and they are worth describing in a person’s obituary.

Another thing you might want to do is to ask around family and friends for stories and memories of your loved one. For one thing, this can be an almost enjoyable task, as fond memories may come back to you, or new stories may come to light. If there is a particular memory that stands out for many people, you may consider including this in their obituary. Similarly, if they were known for a particular saying or quote, or had a favorite poem or prayer, these might be good things to include as well.

funeral home near Adelphi, MDThe last thing many people include in an obituary is the details about where and when their services will take place. This is an easier way to inform the public so that you don’t have to try to contact every single person who might want to attend. Additionally, if your loved one expressed a desire to have a donation fund to a particular cause set up in their name, you can add those details as well. That way, even people who cannot attend can participate in some way. Your funeral home near Adelphi, MD, can then help you with publishing the obituary, resulting in a special document to honor your loved one.