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What Should You Write on Funeral Flowers

Knowing what to say to someone who has lost a loved one can be extremely difficult. Sending funeral flowers to be displayed at the service is one of the most common ways to express sympathy to someone you care about. People typically include a message with these flowers. The cremation services in College Park, MD would like to discuss the custom of sending funeral flowers with appropriate messages. This is extremely useful if you know someone who has recently experienced loss or if you want to be prepared the next time this happens.

The best funeral flower messages are brief, heartfelt, true to the deceased’s life, and appropriate for the occasion. You can address the message to the deceased or the family depending on your relationships and what feels right.

Funeral Flower Message Guidelines

Keep your message brief.

The family will most likely receive numerous notes and flowers in the days following their loved one’s death, which may be overwhelming. You don’t want to add to their anxiety by sending a long message that takes a long time to read and respond to.

Demonstrate compassion.

Funeral flowers are used to decorate a funeral, express your love for the deceased, and let the family know you’re thinking of them. A note of compassion can be extremely comforting to a bereaved family.

Personalize the message.

If possible, share a brief anecdote about the deceased to shed new light on them or to reveal a side of them that the family may not have been aware of. It may also help you through the grieving process to recall a particular moment with the deceased.

Use humor as long as it is appropriate and tasteful.

If the deceased was a known jokester, including some humor in your funeral flower message would not be inappropriate. However, use your best judgment and remember that the family may not be in the mood to laugh when they read your message.

Do not make the message religious if the family and the deceased are not religious.

While thinking about faith may be comforting at this time, if the deceased was not religious, the family may take offense if you mention it in your message.

Do not try to outdo everyone else.

This is not a competition, so don’t act like it. Your message should be sincere and personal. Don’t be concerned about other people’s messages, and don’t try to one-up or be the best .

Don’t forget to include a message.

Even if you intend to send the flowers anonymously, including a brief message of compassion and love is polite.

Do not discuss the cause of death.

funeral homes in College Park, MDBecause the family knows how their loved one died, you do not need to draw attention to it in the funeral flower message.

Sending flowers is a traditional and heartfelt way to express your love and grief for a lost loved one. The best funeral flower messages are heartfelt, sincere, and comforting. They should also be personalized for the deceased so the family knows you weren’t just going through the motions when you sent the flowers. For more information, contact Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home, P.A., for cremation services in College Park, MD.