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Arranging a Memorial Display

One lovely addition to any service is to have a memorial display. A memorial display showcases who your loved one was as well as what impact they had on other lives. It can be a beautiful thing to put together that can allow the guests at the service to get an intimate look at the person. If you would like to put one of these displays together but are not sure how to do so, there are some tips that providers of cremation services in College Park, MD want you to remember.

You want to add photos of your loved one to the display. This is crucial since it can let people in on who they were throughout their lives. Choose a combination of candid options as well as more formal pictures, since this can have a huge impact. If you do not have many pictures of your loved one, you want to reach out and ask loved ones for any that they may have that you can add to the display.

Another thing that you want to add is items related to the hobbies and passions your loved one had. If they had a passion for a particular sport, you can add items related to it. If they had hobbies like crafting, whether knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, or anything else, you want to include examples in the display. You may even want to ask people who may have received items your loved one made for them to share them in the display.

If your loved one had a collection, you can also think about adding some of those items to the display. No matter what they collected, from stamps to figurines or anything else, you can add these to the display. If you are not planning on keeping all of the items in the collection, you can also think about giving these out as keepsakes during the service.

cremation services in College Park, MD

It is important to remember that you want to be selective when choosing the kind of items or photos to add to the display. You want to be certain that you do not add too many things, since that can be overwhelming for people. The last thing you want is to add too much and have people miss the items that you really want them to see.

When you start planning the memorial display you want for a loved one’s service, these are all crucial things you want to remember. Keep in mind that you want to add photos of your loved one throughout their life and that you want to also add items related to their hobbies and their passions. If you want to know more about how to make arrangements for a memorial display, you can get started by reaching out to a College Park, MD cremation service providers like us at Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home, P.A. Our team is here to make this process a bit easier and to ensure you get the exact options you want. Give us a call right now to start.