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Popular Funeral Sympathy Plants

It is customary to send sympathy plants to express your sorrow and support during this difficult time when someone you know dies or suffers loss. Many people prefer a florist to choose the plants for them, but you can make the plants you send more personal by learning about their meaning. The funeral homes in Adelphi, MD can assist you with this.

Why Are Sympathy Plants Used at Funerals

The practice of sending sympathy plants and displaying plants at funerals has a long history, most likely dating back to around 80,000 years ago in Iraq. A male Neanderthal was discovered in the Shanidar caves, surrounded by the remains of various wildflowers, including pollen deposits and flower fragments. Dr. Solecki, the excavation director, determined that the flowers were placed on the burial site after further examination of the soil samples.

Since then, flowers and other plants have played a role in funeral practices worldwide. One theory for why this tradition began is that flowers’ pungent and pleasant odor masks the odor of rot and decay from a body.

Popular Sympathy Plants


Not only are they beautiful and widely adored, but you can also personalize your message to the deceased based on the color of the rose you send.


The lily, known as the peace lily, is the most popular sympathy plant. Many people nowadays send lilies to funerals because they know it is a tradition.


Orchids, above all, represent love, so you can’t go wrong with this lovely plant to express your feelings for the departed or their loved ones. Orchids last longer than the other flowers on this list, so the orchid is recommended to give a sympathy plant that will last after the service.


Chrysanthemums are popular plants to send as sympathy gifts, though they have different meanings worldwide. In the United States, they are commonly regarded as fall flowers that represent happiness and well-being. Chrysanthemums are associated with death and mourning in other parts of the world, such as Belgium, Japan, and Austria.


Violets are often thought to represent everlasting love, remembrance, and innocence, making them appropriate for a sympathy plant.


Hyacinths, particularly purple hyacinths, represent sorrow, so if you are particularly saddened by the loss and want to express your feelings, these flowers may be an excellent choice.


Carnations are lovely flowers that are appropriate for a sympathy arrangement for anyone.

Palm plants

Palm plants are thought to represent protection, so if you want to comfort and protect a grieving loved one, a palm plant can be the ideal sympathy plant.

Oak trees

Because of their steady and consistent growth, oak trees are often revered as symbols of strength and resistance, making them uplifting symbols of life continuing after loss.

Dogwood trees

These trees represent rebirth and resurrection.

funeral homes in Adelphi, MDWe have already discussed why sympathy plants are used at funerals, so you can better understand how this tradition came to be. If you want to learn more about this, don’t hesitate to look into funeral homes in Adelphi, MD, as our team is eager to discuss it. Come see us or call us right away.